Why Start a Blog for your Business? (3 BIG Benefits of Blogging)

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If you are scrolling the internet, it is almost impossible to avoid—almost everyone has a blog these days.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

It’s one thing if a friend is sharing a favorite recipe or if your neighbor likes to write about gardening tips, usually those are hobbies. But what is the benefit for your business to start a blog?

Well, you’ve came to the right place. Blogging for your business can make huge changes in how clients find your services or products and greatly increase the number of leads coming in. We’ve got three big reasons your business should have a blog, so let’s dive in.

The Benefits of Blogging for a Business

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Our number one contestant for a blogging benefit is certainly SEO. Search engines rank businesses when you search a product or service, aka a keyword. Every business has keywords that they (should) want to be ranking for. How many times when you search something do your scroll past the first two pages? Search engines not only recognize blogs as new content, which is very important for websites, but you can also add in keywords to the text and meta data to help increase your search rankings so you can get found
    • Getting found on search engines directly translates into more leads. When you’re one of the first businesses that pops up in a search engine, your website will certainly get more clicks. Read more about how SEO benefits your business.
  2. Social Media Post Content

    • Second, is the benefit of content you get for your social media accounts. Are you always digging to try and find content to share to your social media profiles? A blog gives you a lot of content that you can break into pieces and continue sharing again and again without it looking repetitive.
    • Sharing a blog that links back to your website is another element search engines are looking for, which again brings us back to SEO. It really is important.
  3. Create Email Newsletters – Blogs can easily be translated into an email newsletter. Although we’ve already covered how newsletters can be beneficial to your business, let’s quickly recap:

    • You can reach out to customers on a more regular basis, reminding them that you are there when they are ready for your services
    • You can outline new services or products that potentially clients did not know you had. Have a service that takes a bit more than a couple of words to explain? Turn it into a blog and a newsletter.
    • Potentially reach more people than with the blog. For the most part, the blog is for your SEO. Even using it on social media benefits your SEO. However, people are not necessarily typing in your website URL to visit your blog once a month. We suggest using an email to get previous and potential clients to read the content.

If you’ve ever looked at a blog, and wondered ‘how can this help my business?’ we hope this has made things more clear. Webster Digital Marketing strongly suggests having a blog as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

If you are concerned you don’t have the time to add a regular blog post for your business, don’t fret! We offer content writing services that go along with our SEO, social media, and email marketing services so that everything is in sync. We make it easy for you to run your business.

Contact Webster Digital Marketing if you are interested in having a blog or using one of our other services. We would love to hear from you.