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A group of employees stand around a screen with an image of a Thumbs Up at the center.Posting on social media is easy. But figuring out what works and what doesn’t and optimizing your social media to get the results you want for your business – that’s the more difficult part. And just to make it spicier, social media networks change all the time so just because something is working for you now doesn’t mean that it will keep working for you in the near future. That’s where having a Digital Marketing Consultant like Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. (WDM) can help.

Why should you focus on social media marketing?

According to a recent LinkedIn study, most small businesses find that attracting new customers is their biggest challenge. 61% of small businesses say that social media is helping them get more customers!

In a recent study by Social Media Examiner,89% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Increasing traffic was the second major benefit, with 75% reporting positive results.

Social media marketing works. It’s not fast and it’s not foolproof, but if it is done correctly, social media marketing will help even small businesses get great results in the form of new customers and repeat business from existing customers.

How we get great social media marketing results

WDM keeps our finger on the pulse of the social media world so we know what has changed and what to do about it. And we are experienced at customizing a marketing campaign for your business to get the results you want. We don’t just send some posts to social media and forget them. We monitor the performance of the posts to see which ones are getting sharing and engaged with and which aren’t. We look at all the factors from time and day of the week to the kind of content used. Then we optimize your social media marketing so that your posts are increasingly effective.

It’s a very rewarding process and the entire thing is customized to your budget.

Social media marketing services provided

  • Inbound marketing strategy – we will create a strategy customized to your business. This includes advice about which social media channels you should be on and a plan for how to increase your traffic there and get more customers for your business. DownloadChoosing the Right Social Media Platform, a PDF to help you decide which social media channel is right for you.
  • Monthly content calendar creation – we will use our insights about your past social media posts to create a calendar of the content we plan to create and use to promote your business for the month. After you give approval, we’ll schedule all the posts for you so that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are updated regularly.
  • Social media monitoring – we will monitor your social media channels for you and let you know if you have any posts requiring a response to or messages from your customers. Sometimes we can even respond on your behalf.
  • Reporting on the metrics that matter – likes and shares are great and an important part of social media marketing, but they usually aren’t the goal. The goal is usually sales leads and new customers for your business. We look at conversion rates as one of our primary metrics of success. If we aren’t getting you new business, we’re not happy.

Talk to one of our social media marketing consultants today about how you can improve your programs on social at a price that fits your business.

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