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Have you heard the phrase, “Content is King”? It’s an old phrase that still rings true. The content on your site is critical. Content is what visitors read to learn about your services, help you rank on search engines, and separate your business from the competition!

The internet is the new storefront for your business. This is your opportunity to make an impression on potential clients searching the web for your services. Is your website offering a good first impression?

Lack of content is one of the most common problems we see on websites. However, content takes time. It can be hard to determine where to start or what to say. Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. is your website content creation solution!

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Common Problems with a Lack of Website Content

  • It’s not clear what your business is offering. Offering a page for each service is an easy fix, and listing your services is the best way to hit keywords that help your search engine optimization.
  • Your business doesn’t have a differentiator. Customers won’t know why to choose your business over competitors because you do not offer content about who you are as a business. Adding an “about us” page can solve this.
  • You don’t look active and present. When was the last time you posted something new on your website? This is something easily solved by adding a blog.
  • You aren’t “touching” customers on a regular basis. If a customer fills out a form, they want more information from you! Doing a monthly newsletter or email marketing lets customers know about changes, updates, and just general information that’s more in-depth than your website may offer!

Our content writing services can help your website grow with valuable content and a specific page for each offered service. We can add pages about your business, add a blog, and send out monthly emails as well. We will do a full overview of your website and help you fill in the weak spots!

I know what you are thinking… How are they supposed to write content for my business? Well, we can do it in a few different ways.

How We Develop Website Content for Your Business

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  • Link-Basis – Either you send us a link or we can find one, and we can use it as a basis for the type of content you are looking for. Everything is still written originally so you never have to worry about plagiarism or duplicate content.
  • Bulleted List– Offer us a list of points you want to hit, and we can work off of that by doing research to add length and bulk to your original list.
  • Verbal – Whether face-to-face or over the phone, you tell us what type of content you are looking for and we will start writing it.

What’s the Content Writing Process Like?

Once you give us the topic/service/idea, we begin our research. For just about every topic you give us, we can find dozens of articles already online about it! We piece together information and add your take on the topic to make it customizable to your business.

That’s when the writing begins. We write the content for a web page on your site just like we wrote this one for ours. We also take into account keywords and specifically use keywords you are targeting for SEO. By the way, if you’re not targeting any keywords for SEO, we can help with that too.

Then, we send the content back to you for review. We’ve done all the hard work, now you make any small changes, add any personal touches, and send it back to us approved!

In most cases with our clients, we have access to your websites. This gives us the ability to post the content for you, as well as turn it into an email newsletter or share on your social media if you are also reaping the benefits of those services!

So, stop feeling overwhelmed with writing content, and start handing it off to Webster Digital Marketing in Omaha! We make it easy to add content to your site.

content writing

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