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68% of small business owners say email marketing is their most effective advertising channel.

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for small businesses.If you aren’t using your email list to market to your current and past customers, you could be leaving large amounts of revenue on the table! As a Constant Contact Partner, Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. (WDM) has access to specials and deals not available to the average company.

An email floats in the sky and is surrounded by clouds.

Why Use Email Marketing?

Through email marketing, businesses can:

Businesses can use email to let customers know about:

    • Sales and Special Offers
    • Contests
    • New products/offerings
    • Tradeshows/events you plan to attend
    • Reminders of upcoming holidays (i.e., “Have you ordered flowers for Valentine’s Day yet?”)
    • Seasonal news (i.e., “It’s time for your lawn’s first treatment – have you signed up yet?”)

How Webster Digital Marketing Can Help

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25Working in concert with an email service your business uses (like Constant Contact), Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. will set up one or more email templates to meet your business needs. This template will include information that appears in every email (like links to your social media profiles, reviews, and product information) and spaces for the information you plan to change on each issue.

WDM will then create a content calendar to plan the updates for each email you send. Then, the next time you have a sale, you can plan an email campaign to coordinate the sale. You can find out more specifics about how email marketing works in this blog post.

WDM can also help you with drip marketingto help you nurture your leads over time. We can create content for your drip marketing campaigns and help you to track the effectiveness of those campaigns. And we can set upemail autoresponders to respond quickly to any inquiry your business receives.

Contact Webster Digital Marketing in Omaha to learn more about how to implement an effective email marketing program for your online marketing strategy.

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