What a Free Digital Marketing Checkup Can Do for Your Business

free digital marketing checkup

Smaller companies tend to have tighter budgets and more to do than time to do it in. That’s why, far too often, we see marketing getting squeezed to the bottom of the to-do list. When you do have time to spend on marketing your business, you need to be sure you are spending it in the ways that will have the biggest impact on the bottom-line of your business.

That’s where an Internet Marketing Checkup can help! Webster Digital Marketing will take an in-depth look at your online properties, including your website, search engine position, and social media profiles. Then we’ll give you atleast 10 easy, actionable ways you can improve your digital marketing efforts. This is a customized report produced just for your company byan actual human being.

What Our Free Digital Marketing Checkup Evaluates

  • Website
    • We observe not only your website but the code used to build it. Page speed, ease of use, location of forms, mobile friendliness, and usability are just some of the things we look for.
    • If you utilize a blog or any landing pages, we will examine those as well. We can tell you how to get the most out of your website.
  • Search Engine Ranking
    • We will show you a report on how you rank on Google, Google mobile, Google maps, Yahoo, Yahoo local, Bing and Bing-Local on a variety of keywords important to your business. And we’ll give you suggestions on how to improve your ranking.
  • Social Media Profiles
    • We examine your company’s profiles on different platforms by looking at images, post consistency, proper information, reviews, and relevancy. We will give you tips on how to improve these profiles and use them to your advantage.

What You Can Expect from our Free Checkup

You get a free, one-hour consultation with our digital marketing experts to discuss what, if any, digital marketing efforts you’ve done thus far. We then examine everything mentioned in the list above, and follow that up by giving you at least 10 easy, actionable ways you can improve your digital marketing efforts.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive free information about how your company’s internet marketing presence is? Not only does Webster Digital Marketing provide you with a free internet marketing check-up, but all of our marketing services are priced to be affordable.

Request a free internet marketing checkup today for more information from Webster Digital Marketing.