Take the Work out of Hiring with Facebook Jobs

Who you hire is what makes your business. To be successful in hiring, you need to get your job opening in front of the right candidates. And, what better way to find these candidates than to post your job openings on Facebook for millions to see.

Facebook Jobs is a fairly recent addition to Facebook and it may or may not be something you’ve used. But, it’s proved successful. Many may turn to LinkedIn first, due to its advertising as a professional network, but it shouldn’t be your end all be all.

“70% of Facebook users engage daily, versus only 13% of LinkedIn users.”

2015 Pew Research Study

The new jobs experience is simple for both businesses and applicants. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

How to Post a Job Opening on Facebook

The job post must be set up and posted by a page admin on the company’s official Facebook page. On your business’ page, there is now a tab labeled “Manage Jobs” where you can easily click “create job”. This is where you can add the job title, description, potential salary, job type, add photos and even ask applicants additional questions.

This makes it easy for page admins to create a job post, track applications and communicate directly with applicants. A job posting appears to applicants on their feed or in the new bookmark for jobs, and those who are interested can click on a button stating “Apply Now”. This opens a pre-populated form with information from their profile that they can review and edit before submitting.

Page admins can also boost job posts (by spending a dollar amount they deem appropriate) to reach a larger or more relevant audience. When boosting a post, you can select your target audience and demographic to reach specifically the type of applicant you are looking for. Often, starting with $25 for boosting a post goes a long way, making it affordable and simplifying the process of reaching out to those who may not necessarily be in your network. We generally see our customers spend about $125-$150 before ending their job search.

Tips for Optimizing your Facebook Job Posts

Like any social platform, there are tricks that companies can take advantage of to get the most out of their job postings on Facebook.

  • Try to limit the post title to ten or fewer impactful words to get people’s attention
  • Take advantage of adding an image to the post. Think of something eye catching that represents your company or the position.
  • You can also use a video instead of an image if you have one. With video taking off on Facebook, this is a great way to stand out against competitors.
  • Encourage staff to share the job openings with their network
  • Be sure to take advantage of the targeting functionality so your job posting gets in front of the right applicants.

Using Facebook for your Business

Facebook is, undeniably, a huge advantage specifically to small businesses. With so many people using this social media network, you can get your company, your brand and your products in front of a lot of eyes. It only makes sense to use it to find qualified employees.

If you are interested in posting job openings on Facebook and would like additional support, Webster Digital Marketing can help. We can help with everything from catchy content to creating the job posts. If you are looking for affordable help with your marketing for your business, Webster Digital has you covered. Contact us to find out more today.