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Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency over In-House

Deciding who is going to market your business online can be a challenging task. The decisions you make will undoubtedly impact company culture, time, and your bottom line. So, do you hire in-house, or bring in a marketing agency?

This is a question Webster Digital Marketing is quite familiar with. We have seen and worked with many clients over the years who have had to answer this very question. There are benefits to both answers – but which is going to be better for business in the long run?

While hiring an in-house marketer is not always a bad choice, we have found often, a marketing agency is almost always the way to go! So today, we discuss 4 specific reasons businesses are better off leaving their digital marketing to a marketing agency.


1. Paying a marketer’s full-time salary can be expensive.

Providing a salary for a marketing professional can be expensive – and prices continue to increase with an employer’s experience and expertise. When you add in retirement, health insurance, paid time off, etc., the cost

Each salary percentile below represents a range between low-demand employees & high demand employees.

25th Candidate has little or no experience in the role and is still developing relevant skills.

50th – Candidate has average experience and the majority of necessary skills.

75th – Candidate has above-average experience and most or all of the necessary skills. They may also have specialized certifications.

95th – Candidate has especially strong skills, expertise and experience—often more than what is necessary. They have specialized certifications.


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On the other hand, when hiring a marketing agency, the fee will (more or less) stay the same.

2. Marketing agencies allow you access to the best technologies and tools.

Having access to the marketing people and tools they use with no additional cost to you allows you to be efficient, more productive, and saves you from further spending.

You get access to information and tools such as:

  • Hootsuite (Social Media)
  • Constant Contact (Email Marketing Platform)
  • Analytical Data Reports
  • Local SEO Reports

The cost of these different platforms add up fast – not to mention taking the time to train your own marketing person to use them.


3. A Marketing agency brings the best minds together for YOUR business.

Would your employee have expertise in every one of these fields….

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Website Creation
  • Content Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Ads
  • Data Analysis
  • Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Content Creation
  • Text Message Marketing

The list goes on.

Marketing agencies have a team of experts that have the knowledge and know-how to market your business in most, if not all the above listed (and more than that). If you decide to hire an employee in-house, there is a large chance that person is only an expert in one or two of the above areas.

4. Marketing agencies provide an outside perspective.

The adage two heads are better than one rings true when it comes to digital marketing. Marketing agencies tend to not only have the expertise but the foresight and perspective to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Your Business Deserves to Work With A Marketing Agency

Why waste another year not at your fullest potential?

As a local company in Omaha, Nebraska, WDM has spent the last 7 years providing companies with affordable, data-driven marketing strategies that give you real results. (If you are truly interested in learning more about what we are like to work with, check out ourphilosophy of business!)

So, take a step toward a better, more fruitful year and discover the real ways you can make a change in your online marketing efforts!

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