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5 Ways To Use Text Messaging for Your Marketing in 2021

text message marketing by Webster Digital Marketing

SMS texting for marketing is making a comeback in a big way. On the tail end of the pandemic and economic fallout, it is more important than ever for marketers to focus on customer relationships. What better way to develop a direct relationship than text messaging?

Forester Research has predicted that this year alone, the consumer will receive more texts than years prior. Why is this? Brands are working harder than ever to develop those direct customer relationships.

1. Focus on Loyal Customers

The cost over the past 6 years of acquiring a new customer has increased 60% (Hubspot) as marketing has become more expensive and consumers are having a harder time trusting brands.

Send those texts to your loyal customers – give them the royal treatment. Provide them with deals and steals while personalizing the text to make them feel special and the offer exclusive.

2. Make it Fun

The goal is to always create a positive relationship with your loyal customers. Yes – you can joke with those customers! Use GIFs and Memes to lighten the mood and have fun with your texting!

CAUTION: Within the fun, make sure your point is clear. Messaging your customers without a point, or a point that is lost can be damaging. There’s almost nothing worse than a pointless text!

3. Recover Abandoned Carts

Admit it, you’ve added an item in your online cart, got distracted, and found yourself looking at cute cats in sombreros… (not from personal experience or anything…). Retrieve those abandoned carts! Texting can be a great way to revive someone’s interest and complete their purrrchase (see what I did there?).

Pro tip: When messaging your potential customer – include a deal that expires quickly!

4. Listen Up!

It’s amazing what you can learn from the customer. The customers are on the receiving end of what you are trying to build. Picking out key customers and asking them for feedback on product, customer service, ease of checkout, etc. can provide insight that is, quite frankly, priceless. Their feedback can help you work out the kinks of your business.

Pro Tip: We get it. Getting feedback can sometimes be hard to come by. I mean, who wants to make the time? We suggest some sort of incentive for their feedback. Perhaps a percentage back on their next purchase, or even to enter a drawing for a prize! Whatever it is, make sure that for the customer it is worth their time. After all, the advice of someone who bought from you could be the difference between succeeding and failing.

5. Time Your Text Messages Right

What you are sending your customer via text message is only the first half of the equation. The next half is WHEN you are sending it. Depending on the content is when your text should be sent out.

Pro Tip: Think about your customer’s typical day. Are they early risers? Active on the weekends? If you are a coffee shop, send that text first thing in the morning with a percentage off. It allows customers a reason to come in and “treat themselves” while you are creating a positive relationship with your customer!

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As the battleground for the customer’s inbox heats up, businesses will be forced to innovate and create strategies to make them stand out.

Enter Webster Digital Marketing. Each month, you can send text messages to your customers and receive answers in reply. Our rates are contingent on how many messages you want to send per month and how often you want to send messages. The most basic plan allows for up to 500 text messages a month. Best of all, with our messaging partner, unused credits for messages will roll over to the following month! But just a heads up, you will need to get written consent (paper or online) to send text messages for marketing purposes.

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