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Example Sitemap

For customers who are planning a website redesign, an example sitemap sometimes will prove useful. It can help to get a better visualization of what the pages of the site will be, which helps during content creation.

The example sitemap may be viewed below or downloaded here.

Example Sitemap

A site works best when it only has about 8-10 top-level items in the sitemap (like Home, Contact Us, etc.) You should use words for your products or services which are the same as a potential client might use if possible and avoid industry jargon. Your menu item titles need to be as brief as possible, especially at the top level – the longer they are, the fewer items you can fit in.

About Writing Content

The Home page doesn’t need much content. Its job is really to pull users further into your site. If you want to add content it should probably be under 500 words.

The Contact Us page also doesn’t need much content – basically just instructions for filling out the form. We often also include contact information on this page – phone, address, hours of operations, a link to directions, links to social media, etc.

The rest of the content should be about 600-800 words for each page. We recommend at least 1 picture for each page because that makes the site look better if/when it is shared to social media. We have access to royalty-free images for this, but if you do have appropriate images, be sure to include them. You will want a page for each product or service for your website to be the most effective. We do not recommend putting all your products/services on one page for SEO reasons.

A website doesn’t need to contain all of these items, but these are some examples of things websites commonly include.

  1. Home (May include a slider, boxes highlighting products, a map, a link to testimonials, etc. The point is to get people to click on something to go deeper into the site.)
  2. Services/Products
    1. Product or Service
      1. Case Study
      2. Whitepaper
      3. eBook
    2. Product or Service
    3. Category of Service
      1. Product or Service
      2. Product or Service
    4. Product or Service
      1. Related product
      2. Sub product
  3. Events Schedule
  4. Gallery
  5. About Us
    1. Testimonials
    2. Client Information/Instructions
  6. Blog/Newsletter
    1. Article
    2. Article
    3. Article
  7. Contact Us (May include contact information, a map to the business, social media links, a form)
    1. Location 1
    2. Location 2
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