Maintaining Your WordPress Website

Now that your WordPress website is live, we want you to have the tools to make edits and maintain your website. Here are some tips and tricks for you! Logging-In Basic Navigation Here is a basic back-end snapshot: You will see on the left-hand side of your screen the menu of plugins, settings, and different […]

Getting Started with GoDaddy Hosting

If we are creating a website for you on GoDaddy (or moving one to GoDaddy), these are the steps to get your hosting set up properly. Granting Us Access to Your GoDaddy Account The following instructions will allow you to grant Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. access to your GoDaddy account. This will allow us to […]

Adding an Admin User in WordPress

The following instructions will allow you to grant the members of Webster Digital Marketing, Inc. to access and edit your WordPress Website. Instructions Log-in to your WordPress Website. Go to the User section on the left hand side column: 3. Click to “Add New” at the top: 4. For each new user, you need to […]

How to Find Your GoDaddy Pin

When we provide support for your account we sometimes need to contact GoDaddy for additional help. GoDaddy is unable to provide us with any information unless we provide them with a customer number and a pin. We can see the customer number in our GoDaddy Pro dashboard, but the pin does not show. Here is […]

How to Add a LinkedIn Admin

Find your company page. You may see it listed on the left side of the screen in a section called My Pages. Or you can search for the company name at the top left of the screen next to the LinkedIn logo. Click on Admin Tools at the top right of the screen and select […]

Example Sitemap

For customers who are planning a website redesign, an example sitemap sometimes will prove useful. It can help to get a better visualization of what the pages of the site will be, which helps during content creation. The example sitemap may be viewed below or downloaded here. Example Sitemap A site works best when it […]