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The Most Common Text Message Marketing FAQs

Do you want to discover more about mass texting? Are you curious how much it will cost? Or the legalities? Webster Digital Marketing is here to answer your commonly asked questions.

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What is Text Message Marketing?

Text Message Marketing is a communication service that lets businesses send SMS messages to hundreds or thousands of subscribers’ mobile devices at the same time. Businesses of all kinds are using texts to communicate with their target audience in a quick, easy manner.

What Can Text Marketing Be Used For?

Mass texting allows one consistent message to be sent to a large number on contacts, customers, employees, or subscribers. Companies can send special offers, promotions, emergency alerts, staff communications, daily updates, sweepstakes, and more.

Is Text Message Marketing Affordable?

Most people are surprised at just how affordable it is! Pricing is based on how many messages you send per month and how often you want to send messages. Our basic plan allows for up to 500 text messages per month. Best of all, unused credits for messages roll over to the following month.

Is Mass Texting Legal?

Yes, mass texting is 100% legal. It is only illegal if you do not have your customers opt into text marketing explicitly and in writing. Fortunately, WDM helps you get set up, making getting started a breeze!

How Successful is SMS Marketing?

How many people do you know that don’t own a cell phone? Probably not many! Text message marketing is extremely successful, with an open rate of 98%. It is also a great way to target younger generations, as 89% of millennials are likely to act on a text notification received from their favorite brand.

Is Text Message Marketing Right for My Business?

The simplified answer is yes. There is so specific industry or business that text marketing can’t benefit. You may think your demographic may be hesitant, but even older generations are just as likely to receive and use texts. If you are still unsure, try talking to your customers about the idea and see if they are interested!

What Kind of Texts are Businesses Sending?

There are lots of possibilities with text message marketing. You can send special promotions, segmented deals, flash deals, event invitations, surveys, behavior triggers (like “we miss you” messages), company alerts, employee reminders, and more. WDM is here to help you determine the best messages to send from your business.

How Do I Start?

Contact Webster Digital Marketing! We can help you set up and manage your text message marketing and provide you with ideas and strategies pertinent to your business offerings.