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Honesty is the Best Policy in Digital Marketing




  1. the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

When you think about marketing, I am sure the first thing you think is that it is a company promoting their services so you become a customer. While this is true, there is a new trend in marketing – being honest not just about your strengths but also your weakness.

The modern consumer is inundated with marketing efforts left and right. In this digital age, ads are everywhere. Social media, mobile games, news stories, blog pages, streaming services – everywhere you turn a business is vying for your attention. It can easily become white noise. But, how can you stand apart? Let’s take a look at a few reasons to be more transparent in your digital marketing and how it can serve both your business and your target client.

Build Trust

Content marketing is a great tool to for businesses to create a relationship with their customers. Being honest about what your services can and cannot do will go a long way in building trust, an like any good relationship, trust is imperative. If they trust you, they will be confident you can deliver what they are looking for. Also, when a customer feels they can trust you, they will continue to gravitate toward your company and you have gained a customer for life.

When you acknowledge your faults, this makes customers trust you when you tell them about your strengths. And because you excel in these areas, you will deliver top-quality products or services. And when you build trust with returning customers, they will likely refer you to others. A positive word of mouth from a trusted friend or family member is a highly effective form of marketing and a high return on your investment.

Attract your ideal customers

Have you determined who your ideal customer is? Sometimes this is also referred to as a “target market.” But by thinking of it as an Ideal Customer you personalize it. If you know who your ideal customer is, you will be able to speak directly to them through your digital advertisements, blogs, newsletters, etc.

Some things to look at when determining who your ideal customer is, evaluate who your customers are and why you think they are attracted to your business and services. See if there are any common interests or characteristics among your loyal customers. It is very likely that your ideal customer has already found you and this will help you to find more loyal customers.

Build Community

Instead of focusing on selling a good or service, try and focus your content marketing on creating a community of people who love your company. Don’t try too hard to sell your product or service. Engage your audience with a curiosity of what how you can serve their needs instead of focusing on what you think is important. Engage in surveys and measure customer satisfaction. Ask your existing clients what they want more of, if they have any ideas or needs that you can possibly fill.

Also, when you are honest about what your company can or cannot do for a customers, this sets realistic expectations. By setting realistic expectations, you can generate loyalty. Clients that trust your services or products usually become your most loyal customers, through good times and bad.

Let’s change the way we market digitally!

At Webster Digital Marketing, we have made it our Philosophy of Business to always be honest and transparent with our customers. We would love to work with you to do the same for your clients.Contact us today to learn more.