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Facebook Marketplace is A Good Idea For Your Business

Facebook Marketplace has created a unique opportunity for businesses like yours. It would be difficult to find another platform that would boast 66% of Facebook users interacting with their accounts on a daily basis. As a business, this gives you an opportunity to get your products out in front of buyers who are in the market to make a purchase. Combine that with the ability to categorize your product and Facebook targeting users for you, this is a tailor-made solution for increasing sales.

Facebook Marketplace Defined

According to Facebook, “Marketplace is where people can discover, buy and sell things listed on Facebook.”

Facebook Marketing on Facebook Marketplace

“We built Marketplace to make it easier for people to buy and sell in their community. As more people started using it, we invited businesses to use Marketplace as a new way to engage with consumers and sell products.”

“Today, this community continues to grow as more business owners, marketers and salespeople use Marketplace to capture leads, communicate with interested buyers and drive sales.”

Leveraging Facebook Marketplace for Your Business

Facebook gives you the opportunity to cultivate a 1:1 relationship with your clients. When a potential customer is interested in your product, they will start by messaging you through Facebook Messenger. When the item is purchased, Facebook also allows you to process payments through whichever processor you choose.

Here we have collected the best advice from other sellers and the Facebook team to provide you with a list of ways to get the most out of Marketplace for your business.

Invest in an SEO Strategy for your Business

Just like you want your website to be found on Google, you want your products to be found on Facebook Marketplace. And guess what? The Marketplace works just like Google does! Investing in an SEO strategy will pay itself back 10 times over when you are strategic with the wording you use: your products will come up first when potential customers are searching.

Competitive Analysis

Before you place your items on Marketplace, check out what others who are selling similar products to you are already doing. This will give you a good idea on:

  • What your level of competition is
  • How to position your products to beat out competitors
  • Comparing your pricing

Use High Quality Pictures

When shopping online, we have all seen the photos that are just not helpful. Whether they are blurry or do not show the whole product, the picture is not doing the seller any favors! On Marketplace, uploading a square, high-quality photo will allow potential customers to clearly see what they are purchasing. Make sure there are multiple photos coming from different angles, so the user can clearly see every part of the product. If appropriate, a picture of the product in action will add even more value.

Facebook Messenger is Your Friend

Facebook makes the buying and selling experience smooth with integrating Facebook messenger. This allows your customers to keep in contact with you and purchase your products. We sometimes see businesses take messenger to the next level by using it as a customer service & communication tool. You can even automate responses to keep your customers engaged!

Engaging in Facebook Groups

Facebook was built as an online community, and your business can benefit from that! Take some time to research relevant Facebook Groups that you can be a part of. This will open you up to hundreds and even thousands of new potential customers!

Facebook Ad Tools

Facebook Ads are a great way to get your listing in front of customers that you want to target. There are two ways you can go about this:

  • Use Facebook’s Boost Tool. This is a great option for those who are unfamiliar with digital marketing tools. You can use the boost tool which turns your post into a Facebook ad. You set a budget, a timeline, and Facebook will then put your ad in front of users they think will most likely show interest in the product.
  • Use Facebook Ads Manager: Facebook ads manager is a very complex but powerful marketing tool. You can create ads and target desired consumers using Facebook tools, creating complex, powerful campaigns.

Webster Digital Marketing is a big proponent for using Facebook Marketplace. It not only gets your business in front of hundreds to thousands of potential customers, it allows you a free/affordable avenue to increase sales.

If you have any questions about Facebook Marketplace, or are interested in learning more about how we can help your business find customers online, be sure to contact us today.