Does Your Website Need a Facelift?

You worked hard to get your website looking just right. If there’s nothing wrong with it, why fix it? Well, when it comes to your online presence, there is always something to update and refresh.

Whether it be to give up to date information, add new elements to make your website pop, or to keep up with the SEO rules, it may be times to updated your website to ensure it remains a tool to attract and retain customers. Rapidly changing digital trends can make your website feel old and outdated.

Here are 4 reasons why you should give your website a refresh:

Mobile Friendly

The majority of people will find your website on a mobile device, so it is essential to ensure that your website design is easy to navigate on all different types of devices. To achieve this, you will want your website to have a responsive design. This means that your website will respond to the size and functionality of whatever device the viewer is using.

If you don’t have a website with a responsive design, your content can be illegible or unusable for mobile viewers and will send your potential customers elsewhere.

It is important for your SEO as well to make sure that your website is mobile friendly as Google predominantly uses the mobile version of your website content for indexing and ranking. Google made this change in 2019 due to the amount of users who access Google Search with a mobile device.

You can test to see if your website is mobile friendly by testing it here:

Improve User Experience

Designing a great website user experience requires understanding the problems different visitors have to solve. When it comes to user experience, remember that a beautiful site won’t mean much if it is frustrating to use. You want you create an attractive place for customers to interact with your brand.

Some of the simplest ways you can improve the user experience on your website are:

  • Create simple and stand-out calls to action.
  • Utilize and create original images and graphics and use captions
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Keep content pages consistent.
  • Make your content skimmable so it’s easier for visitors to find the information they want.
  • Utilize bullet points, headlines, and bold text to highlight essential information.
  • Anticipate the user’s needs by providing differentiated hyperlinks within the content.
  • Visit your website through a customer’s eyes and ask for feedback.

Audience Retention

Website visitors want a fast, informative, and seamless user experience each time they visit. You should design your site to ensure potential customers know can find what they are looking for from your company. Design your website with your ideal customer in mind to ensure it is designed with their satisfaction, convenience, and best experience in mind.

One way that you can track that your website is providing the optimal customer experience is by tracking bounce rates. A bounce rate is a metric that represents the percentage of people who view only one page of your website and then leave. If your bounce rate is high, this is a good indication that your current website is underperforming, difficult to navigate, and/or does not provide enough information,

At WDM, we use Google Analytics to track website traffic. We useGoogle’s analytics systemto calculate website bounce rates. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up for your website, WDM may be able to help.

Is it time for a website redesign?

Webster Digital Marketing designs professional, mobile-friendly websites that won’t break the bank. We create websites with the best practices for the user experience in mind.

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