Internet Marketing Checkup

Free Internet Marketing Checkup for Your Business

Get more customers for your business with a FREE digital marketing checkupWebster Digital Marketing, Inc. (WDM) will provide you with a customized Internet Marketing Checkup. We provide this report for free because it’s a great way for you to evaluate us and for us to start building a relationship with you. We’ll take an in-depth look at your online properties, including your website, search engine ranking, and social media profiles.

We’ll give you at least 10 easy, actionable ways you can improve your digital marketing efforts.

This is a customized report produced just for your company by an actual human being. Rather than spending hours on the Web researching how to improve your social media marketing, request an internet marketing checkup today!

Like many businesses, you may have heard how inexpensive digital marketing like email can be. And you’ve heard how important and effective social media marketing can be for today’s businesses.

Maybe you’ve tried your hand at Facebook marketing or started your own Twitter feed, but you haven’t gotten the results you hoped for. You don’t have the time or resources to study marketing your business in these areas – you have a business to run! That’s where an Internet Marketing Consultant like WDM can come in handy. The Internet Marketing Checkup is a great way to start.

What the Digital Marketing Checkup Focuses On

  • Website evaluation – we not only look at your site, we also look at the code used to build it. If you have a blog or any landing pages, we’ll scrutinize them as well. We’ll tell you how to get more out of your website.
  • Search Engine ranking– we’ll show you a report on how you rank on Google, Google mobile, Google Maps, Bing, and Bing local on a variety of keywords important to your business. And we’ll give you suggestions on how to improve your ranking.
  • Social Media profile evaluation – we examine your company profile, reviews, images, and fan interactions for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Business Profile and provide suggestions for how to improve them.

What the Digital Marketing Checkup Provides

  • A free one-hour consultation with an internet marketing expert
  • A list of at least 10 easy, actionable ways you can improve your digital marketing efforts

Request an internet marketing checkup today for more information.

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